Loyal since 1938, Belmonte loves the Italian tradition, a pleasant and balanced way of living…
The luxury of a tailored shirt


The tailored shirt represents the Belmonte excellence. The garment underline and focus on the craftsmanship creations of the early years of the company, appreciated in Italy and abroad.

The most sophisticated sartorial elements can be found in Belmonte in shirts “Serie Oro”. The most significants are:

  • button sewing “giglio”;
  • sewing with at least eight points in centimeters;
  • extractable “stecche”;
  • neck-effect designed to provide a special “bombatura”;
  • closing flank improved by a special detail called “mosca antistrappo”;
  • cloth sewn , ironed and clinched needle for strength, elegance and clean lines.
  • presence of double wrist, ideal for the use of cufflinks;
  • presence of the pochette: coordinated handkerchief to the breast pocket;
  • tissue thickness specified by the label inside the shirt.
In addition, Serie Oro shirts provide:
  • the double wrist, ideal for the use of the cufflink;
  • the clutch: coordinated handkerchief to the breast pocket;
  • Indication of the thickness of the fabric specified by the label inside the shirt.

Belmonte represent the elegant tailoring of Man shirt, fond of the classic and formal style.
The top of the range for those who do not accept compromises regarding class and trend.

Belmonte, while working with the best Italian tailoring tradition, always has a sensitive eye to the innovations and fashion trends.

Despite being born as a small family business, today stands as a prosperous and established testimony to the Italian capacity. The brand, in fact, has become the symbol of high quality products with an unique style.

The attention to the needs of the customer brings the company one step forward and keep up with the most interesting findings. A careful approach regarding all the innovations and different forms of commerce, combined with constant research of new materials, new lines and style, with the purpose of having a contemporary and modern taste.

Thanks to the constant attention of innovation and development the company has created, during the years, a network of distribution that counts about seventy mono brand stores Belmonte distributed throughout the Italian territory.

The Italian taste and trend forecast are the distinguishing features to the base of the company’s Success producing shirts, knitwear, ties and accessories for men and women.