Belmonte 1938

Founded in 1938 by Adolfo Bellini, Belmonte offers shirts, for nearly eighty years,

to clients who like to wear them in different times of the day


From its foundation in Montemerlo Cervarese Santa Croce, until the late 50’s, we have the acquisition of tailoring and craftsmanship’s know-how in which the qualitative basis for future growth are created. The distribution channel is not yet articulated and developed mainly within the country of Padua and the surrounding areas.

Commitment and strong relationship with the values of the Italian family allow this small company to conquer the trust of customers, so start of growth that makes Belmonte company rooted in the territory and the protagonist in the shirt market. The brand becomes synonymous with reliable products with a unique style and top research content, a reference point for those who want a head height in any situation.

The early 60s are characterized by a highly expansive phase, the mainstay of production and commercial strategy consists in the research and production of a high quality leader at the best possible price; The market responds excellently, the ever increasing customer recognizes and appreciates more and more the Brand.

With the beginning of the 80s, precisely in 1983, there is the need for a strategic turning point. The market moves clearly into a global competition, so it’s inevitable to start with an internationalization of production and the creation of a retail brand in Belmonte.

These two lines become the tracks on which the company continues its evolution to the ’90s.

The constant attention to creativity and innovation starts the launch of a distribution network that now has over seventy flagship stores, located throughout Italy.

Faithful to the values of 1938, Belmonte loves tradition, Italian spirit and style of pleasant and balanced life. Collections are a synthesis of all this and a careful study of the most current trends and sophisticated.

Not only shirts, but also knitwear, ties and accessories for men and women.