Open a store

Learn how to open your own Belmonte shop


The success achieved with the opening of the first stores, met immediately the approval of the public and ensure a good feedback on the investments, has led the company to launch the franchise project.

The network of mono brand stores Belmonte is synonymous of satisfaction and success.
Becoming part of Belmonte Team means to have the security of a large group, linked with the autonomy and satisfaction of the job.

More than seventy years of experience are to those who decide to open a shop Belmonte.

the project MADE for you


Localize the request:– Areas with high commercial traffic, the historic centers of cities with 40,000 inhabitants.
– Medium and big shopping mall.
Shop area:– From 50 to 100 square meters.
Contract:– Three years with exclusive license to the area.
Entrance fee:– € 5,000
Royalties:– No.
Goods:– 100% Belmonte, with weekly restocking with new items.
Base investment:– Bank guarantee: coverage value of the goods 1st delivery.
– Complete furniture.
– Hardware and software to be agreed.
Advertising:– National Institutional by the Franchisor, supply of advertising for the store.
– Local by the Franchisee prior written permission.
Assortment:– Shirts, sweaters, ties and accessories for men and women shirts.
Returns:– Expected (to be determined with franchisees).
Business conditions:– Average Mark-up 120% on fixed purchases.
Methods of payment:– Depending on the sold.
Advantages:– Online Computer management of orders.
– Availability of all models in ready to wear.
– Franchisor in charge of the transport.
Services:– Support and advice on management systems.
– Management support.
– Support for setting up shop and shop windows.
– Initial staff training course.